[Updated] Are You Not Able to Reach the Quiz Answer?

If you are not able to reach to the answers of the quizzes published on myneobuxsolutions then please follow this tutorial carefully.

[Update: 16 - 11 - 2019]

We want you to reach the answers quickly. This way you can earn faster. Now as you click on the answer links, a simple shortner will open up (Please disable your ad blocker + Pop up Blocker so that you don't end up missing the answers)

Figure: Are You Not Able to Reach the Quiz Answer
Figure: Are You Not Able to Reach the Quiz Answer?

Now. It will load the bar. You need to click on it. As you click, you will reach to the Quiz Link Button. Simple.

Please allow pop ups so that you don't miss the answers by mistake.

Figure: [Updated] Are You Not Able to Reach the Quiz Answer?

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Steps to Successfully reach the Answers of Every Quiz:

1. As you click on the Answer links at the end of each quiz, A Captcha Page will open. Please find the captcha on the page and solve it. If you can't find it immediately on the page, please try to scroll it down.
Step 1-0: Click on the Quiz Answers available at the end of eachc Quiz.

Step 1.1: Solve the Captcha no matter the Shortner Used.

Step 1.2: Press Continue and Wait for the Timer

2. After solving the captcha, click on continue and a new page will open up. Please scroll down if needed and wait for the timer to reach 0.

Step 2: Get Link After 0 Timer.

3. Usually there won't be any ads here but if there are ads then simply close them.

4. Enjoy solving the quiz with the answer key in your hands.
Step 4: Enjoy Your Answer Key and Score 100%

We do understand, this could be little irritating but it helps us earn a small revenue so that we can maintain our website expenses and can solve quizzes for you in minimum time possible.

MyNeo Admin

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